Monday, March 11, 2013

Another two

Last week was packed with non-birding activities, and added to the packed schedule, I am just starting to recover from a very bad cold that I was battling all last week.  Despite my illness, I did get out for a few hours on Saturday morning to see the varied thrush that was found in Prospect Park.  Unfortunately, I can't count this bird for my big year because it's in Brooklyn, but another goal I have for this year is to hit 350 species for the state this year.  The thrush was my 346th... 4 to go on that goal.   

The first Staten Island Big Year bird I have found since my last posting was a fish crow that we heard calling from Holten Ave and Purdy Place yesterday morning.  The second year bird, and one that we usually have to make special trips to certain locations to find was rusty blackbird.  These I found with Mike Shanley as we took a quick walk at Conference House this after.  Although not a typical location to find this species annually, I have found rusties in the wet woodlands on two prior instances in the last 11 years of birding.

The list now stands at 108.

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